HVAC Corner Brackets

Corner Bracket

The following specifications illustrate the Century line of “Off the Shelf” HVAC corner brackets and Grip Clips. All of our products are compatible will all major manufacturers duct fabrication equipment. Our patented #3 and #6 “Gator Grip” corners are not your ordinary corners; they save you both valuable assembly time and money.

  • 30% faster installation reduces cost
  • Improved holding power
  • No unnecessary damage to duct work
  • Compatible with all major manufacturers

The #1 Quality bracket on the market.

Call for your free sample if you are interested. Try the “Gator Grip” for yourself. Once you use the “Gator Grip” you will see why it is the best.

It is our belief we can offer you a superior product at a very competitive price. For more information, please contact sales at the number listed below.


Grip Clip
2F Model
3GC Model
6GF Model